Live Video on the Internet

We will come to your church and broadcast the “Live Services” of your Bible Conference, Missions Conference, Revival Meeting or other Special Service.   We will stream the “Live Video” on the internet so that anyone with a computer around the world can tune in, see and hear the “Live Service” from your church.  All we ask is a “Love Offering” and a place to stay.  We offer this service to churches where broadband internet access is available. 

We can also stream the live video via the nearest Cell Tower in some areas if your church does not have broadband access to the internet. 

Our History—Our Future

After many months of seeking the Lord’s will for our lives I gave up a great job as a Software Engineer with Sprint/Embarq in Kansas City and moved back to God’s country in Little Rock, Arkansas where we attend Heritage Baptist  Temple.  We are sent out of Heritage Baptist Temple. 

We invested most of our available funds in video equipment to start this ministry. 

As the Lord provides the means we plan to broadcast “Live Video” of Bible Conferences, Mission Conferences, Revival Meetings and other Special Services via the internet and make DVD’s & CD’s available to family’s as they leave the service.

The Ministry that the Lord has given to us is to assist Local Churches in spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  One method that we use to spread the Gospel is to video your  Bible Conference, Missions Conference, Revival Meeting or other Special Meeting using three unobtrusive remote control video cameras.  During the closing remarks and prayer we will duplicate CD’s & DVD’s of the service and have them available to families as they leave the service.  The DVD’s & CD’s will have a professional color label with as much information about the church and speaker as we can provide.  All we ask is a “Love Offering” and a place to stay.  Your “Love Offering” and/or monthly support is greatly appreciated and allows our ministry to continue.  The DVD’s will also be available on our website at                                 

Technical Requirements

While we can do our own audio setup but we much prefer to receive an audio feed from the house sound system if this can be arranged with the local sound people.

We do require two 6-8 foot tables:

· One in a prominent location for our display to offer the DVD’s & CD’s.  It must support over 300 pounds of duplicators.

·  One for our recording and broadcast equipment.

While we can broadcast in some areas using the nearest Cell Tower, the quality of the broadcast will be much better if the church can provide broadband access to the internet.  Satellite access to the internet can be used but is not recommended.

Some of our days are very long and very tiring.  A non-smoking motel room for my wife and I would be greatly appreciated.  If the church can not afford this we will try to find our own accommodations.

Live Video Broadcast to the World

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Little  Rock, Arkansas  72210


Cell Phone: (501) 247-9355