Friday, May 9, 2008


Freedom Baptist Church
Bogalusa, Louisana
2008 Tent Meeting

2008 Tent Meeting

May 4-9, 2008
I was hesitate to say the least when Bro. James Lyle, Pastor of Freedom Baptist Church in Bogalusa, Louisana invited us to broadcast and record the video of their 2008 Tent Revival. Mary and I had never even been to a tent meeting much less set up our video equipment in a tent. Bro. Lyle ensured us that our equipment would be secure so we decided to go. I am so glad we did. Dr. Dan Carr and Dr. Dexter Truesdale were fantastic. They walked the streets of Bogalusa every day Soul Winning. I went with them three days this week and was very pleased that I did. There were souls saved and we just had a great week with the folks at Freedom Baptist Church. Thank you Bro. Lyle for inviting us.

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