Friday, June 27, 2008


Gospel Light Baptist Church
Hot Springs, Arkansas
2008 Ladies Conference

Dr. Eric Capaci, Pastor

June 25-27, 2008
It was our great privilege to have the opportunity to broadcast and record the video for the 2008 Ladies Conference at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I was the only man allowed in the building during the sessions. Mary and I both enjoyed the sessions very much. I counted it an honor to be able to video these sessions.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Faith Baptist Church
Gulfport, Mississippi
Deep South Youth Conference

Dr. Dan Carr Sr., Pastor

June 11-13, 2008
The 2008 Deep South Youth Conference was one of the most exciting conferences that we attended this year. The preaching was phenomenal. We heard fantastic messages by:
  • Dr. Bob Hooker The Power of Music
  • Dr. Mike Ray Settle The Love Question
  • Dr. Reno Likins Potential
  • Dr. Stephen Barnes Somebody Forgot The Memo
  • Dr. Kenneth Weaver Because The King Asked Me To Do It
  • Dr. Dan Carr Jr. Why Mephibasheths Heart Belonged to the King

    Dan Carr Jr. did an outstanding job of putting this youth conference together. On Friday morning they took everybody out to Ship Island for a few hours in the sun. It was a fun trip on two large ships to take the crowd out to the island. Be sure and check out my video clip of the Ship Island Trip.

  • Thursday, June 5, 2008


    Temple Baptist Church
    Gulfport, Mississippi
    2008 Jubilee

    Dr. Stephen J. Crane, Pastor

    June 1-5, 2008
    I don't think Mary or I have ever been to a Jubilee before in our life. We really did not know what we were getting in to. It turned out to be preaching, Morning, Noon, and Night by the following preachers:
  • Dr. Noah Frye.
  • Dr. Russ Bell
  • Evangelist Rob Hicks
  • Bro. Harringan
  • Dr. Dan Carr
  • Bro. Bruce Frye
  • Dr. C. S. Crane
  • Evangelist Chris Dallas
  • Bro. Denny Winborne
  • Bro. Randy Toole
    I don't think I have ever heard so much great preaching in one week in my life.

    Bro. Bruce Frye

    There was lots of great music including Bro. Bruce Frye. His has a unique style of music that I just love. I was privileged to go out with Bro. Bruce Frye Soul Winning on Thursday evening. That was a very special time for me.

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