Friday, September 26, 2008


BEAMS ~ Bible Education And Missionary Service
Gulfport, Mississippi
Warehouse Dedication

New BEAMS Bible Warehouse

September 26, 2008
My brother, David Brown, my former pastor, Bro. C.F. Edwards and I decided that we should go to the BEAMS Warehouse Dedication in Gulfport, Mississippi. We did not carry all of our video equipment because it was a one day event but David and I did take along a couple of our video cameras and shot some footage.

Offical Ribbon Cutting

Dr. Dan Carr, Pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Mayor Brent Warr of Gulfport, Mississippi, and Dr. Rene' Freret, President of BEAMS had the honor of cutting the ribbon.

The Crowd Inside The Warehouse

We enjoyed lots of singing and preaching during the ceromony. They even took up an offering and paid off the remaining $15,000 they owed on the warehouse. The warehouse is now totally paid for.

The First Load of Bibles Being Unloaded

We had to the opportunity to see the first tractor trailor load of Bibles being unloaded into the new warehouse. WOW! How the Lord has blessed the BEAMS Ministry. It was certainly our privilege to participate in this warehouse dedication.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Landmark Baptist Church
Searcy, Arkansas
2008 Revival

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Landmark Baptist Church, Searcy, Arkansas

September 11-14, 2008
Pastor Tommy Miles invited us to broadcast and record the "Live Services" of their 2008 Revival with the Men from Champion College. We enjoyed great preaching from these Men from Champion College:
  • Thursday Night Bro. Levi Wyatt
  • Thursday Night Dr. Eric Capaci
  • Friday Night Bro. John Cano
  • Friday Night Dr. Brett Capaci
  • Saturday Night Bro. Shawn Hendricksen
  • Saturday Night Dr. Judson Mitchell
  • Sunday Morning Bro. Buddy Blunkall
  • Sunday Morning Bro. Joseph Midkiff
  • Sunday Night Bro. Joshua Harris
  • Sunday Night Bro. Mickey Hollars

  • Wednesday, September 10, 2008


    Lebanon Baptist Church
    Seminary, Mississippi
    Old Fashion Revival

    Evangelist Jeremiah Dixon

    September 7-10, 2008
    Pastor Darren Duncan watched our broadcast when we were in Bogalusa, Louisana last spring and he determined that he wanted us to come to Lebanon Baptist Church and broadcast their revival on the internet and make DVD's of the service. We are very happy that he invited us to come to their Old Fashion Revival. We enjoyed our week with him and his wife Mrs. Becky. Evangelist Jeremiah Dixon preached powerful messages each night. We were truly blessed by being a part of this revival.

    Thursday, September 4, 2008


    Bible Believers Baptist Church
    Moravian Falls, NC
    2008 Campmeeting

    Pastor Hal Stultz

    August 31-September 4, 2008
    Pastor Hal Stultz at Bible Believers Baptist Church in Moravian Falls, North Carolina called me to schedule us to come to the Campmeeting in 2009, but since we had an open date for this year we decided to go this year also. As far as I know this it the first time in our lives that Mary and I have ever attended a campmeeting.

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    Google Map of Campmeeting Location

    The Campmeeting is located way out in the hills of North Carolina at:
    N 36° 02.200'
    W 081° 15.697'

    Be sure to zoom in or out to better identify the actual location. Also Click on the "View Larger Map" to help find the location.

    The Outdoor Tabernacle

    The Tabernacle is where we enjoyed great preaching every morning and every night. I was very concerned about a storm coming and blowing rain all over our equipment but the Lord took good care of us and the equipment. The only problem for the equipment was a heavy fog every morning.

    Inside The Tabernacle

    The temperature inside the Tabernacle was very nice most of the time. It got a little warm in the afternoon but by church time it was very nice.

    Steve Brown Running The Equipment

    I had a nice view right down the center isle at the preacher. This is where I broadcast each service live and recorded the services on DVD. We ran about 800 feet of cable down through the woods to Pastor Hal's home to access his DSL line. I could hardly believe it. Way up here in the hills of North Carolina we had great Broadband Internet access.

    The Dinning Hall Next Door

    The dinning hall was conveniently located right next door to the Tabernacle. This is the first year they have had a dinning hall. During the past years they cooked outdoors on a grill and sat around the trees to eat. The dinning hall is definitely a nice addition to the campmeeting.

    The Kitchen

    This is where Mrs. Middlebrooks and her crew fixed our wonderful meals.

    Inside The Dinning Hall

    We enjoyed lots of great food and fellowship here. Bible Believers Baptist Church did a wonderful job building the dinning hall this past year.

    Enjoying God's Bounty

    I have forgotten her name but she seems to be enjoying the meal in her Old Fashioned outfit.

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