Thursday, December 11, 2008


Heritage Baptist Temple
Little Rock, Arkansas
Christmas Revival

Our Pastor, Dr. David W. Smith
December 7-10, 2008
Our last Meeting for the year 2008 was at our home church, Heritage Baptist Temple in Little Rock, Arkansas with our pastor Dr. David W. Smith. Our Christmas Revival was a real blessing to our hearts. Evangelist Dave McCracken preached powerful messages Sunday through Wednesday night. His delivery method was somewhat different than anything we have heard before, but we loved every minute of it. It was our joy to capture these messages on DVD video and broadcast them live on the internet.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Peoples Baptist Church
Corpus Christi, Texas
Southwest Intercessor Conference

Dr. Ed Cowger & Steve Brown

November 30-December 5, 2008
One of our greatest moments this year was when Dr. Ed Cowger invited us to broadcast the 2008 Southwest Regional Intercessor Conference at the Peoples Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, Texas. It was truly a blessing for Mary and I to participate in a conference where the late Dr. Lester Roloff pastored. We enjoyed meeting Dr. Cowger and his wife. I truly believe that Dr. Cowger is the man for this time at People's Baptist Church.

Steve Brown & Dr. Benny Beckum
 We were privileged to spent 8 nights in Corpus Christi and to meet men like Dr. Benny Beckum. Dr. Beckum's ministry is the Intercessor Ministry. I had no idea what a treat we were in for when we got to hear Dr. Benny Beckum preach. I am so very thankful we had the privilege of capturing his messages on video.

Steve Brown & Dr. David Harrison
 The blessings just kept coming when we heard Dr. David Harrison preach and he and his family sing. Dr. Harrison has a dynamic ministry with Voice of Hope Ministries. WOW! What a blessing to get to be in a meeting where these men preached.

Steve Brown & Dr. Jerry Scheidbach
 We also had to privilege of hearing Dr. Jerry Scheidbach, the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Santa Maria, California. It is a real joy to get to hear some of the greatest preachers in America.

Steve Brown & Dr. Johnny Pope
 One of our all time favorite preachers in America is Dr. Johnny Pope. Dr. Pope preached two powerful messages this week, "This Is No Time To Go Wobbly" and "Standing Ground". Dr. Pope is the pastor of Christchurch Baptist Fellowship in Houston, Texas.

Steve Brown sitting in the Studio
 I was able to visit the studio in the People's Baptist Church where Dr. Lester Roloff broadcast the "Family Altar" Radio Program. What a privilege to sit where Dr. Roloff sat.

Steve Brown with the Jubilee Ladies
 The Jubilee Home for Ladies blessed us with their singing several times during the conference.

David Brown on his perch running a camera
 This is our equipment set-up at the People's Baptist Church for the Southwest Intercessor Conference. My brother David Brown is running one of our cameras.

Dr. Roloff Praying
 We had the grand privilege of touring the "Memorabilia Room" in Dr. Lester Roloff's home. I could have spent hours here but I only had a short time.

Rebecka Home for Girls
 A picture of the Rebecka Home for Girls when there were about 300 girls in the home. I'm still wondering how Dr. Roloff got his plane in front of the home. An airport is nearby so I would guess he just drove his plane over to the home.

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