Thursday, April 30, 2009


Faith Baptist Church
Gulfport, Mississippi
BEAMS Pastors Conference

Dr. Rene' Freret

April 27-30, 2009
Dr. Freret invited us to broadcast and record the 2009 BEAMS Pastors Conference. He hopes this will be 1st Annual BEAMS Pastors Conference. There were pastors present from 6 or 7 states. The preaching was fantastic and everyone seemed to be very glad that they came to the conference. I know Mary and I are glad that we had the opportunity to participate in this conference. Our hearts were blessed with the singing of the Faith Baptist Church Choir and Brother Tim Gordon. I do love to hear Bro. Tim Sing while his wife plays the piano.

BEAMS Missions Insitute

We spent the first day and a half making DVD's of the Annual BEAMS Missions Institute. This is a special meeting of all the BEAMS Missionaries where they receive encouragement and advice from the BEAMS Director.

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