Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Currytown Baptist Church
Lexington, North Carolina
2009 Spring Revival

Pastor Mike McDaniel

May 3-6, 2009
We had heard a lot about Dr. Joe Arthur but we had never heard him preach. We were thrilled when Pastor McDaniel allowed us to broadcast their Spring Revival with Dr. Joe Arthur preaching on the World Wide Web.

Currytown Baptist Church Choir

The Currytown Baptist Church Choir was a special blessing every night of the revival. They were all excited and sang their hearts out every night. I loved it.

Dr. Joe Arthur

Dr. Joe Arthur is the pastor of Harvest Baptist Tabernacle in Jonesboro, GA. He also preaches revivals, camp meetings and conferences across the nation and serves as the director of the Greer Baptist Camp Meeting located in Greer, SC. I loved the excitement in his preaching. I am glad that I can now say I have heard Dr. Joe Arthur preach in person.

Baby Robins

These baby robins were a very special blessing that the Lord gave us. They had just hatched when we arrived. I worked every day of the revival in the lobby of the church and I got to watch as daddy and mama robin fed the babies. The day we left, the babies had hopped out of their nest and were running around on the ground. They looked at least half grown when we left them.

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