Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Currytown Baptist Church
Lexington, North Carolina
2009 Winter Jubilee

Currytown's 2009 Winter Jubilee

January 25-28, 2009

Steve Brown & Pastor Michael McDaniel

Pastor McDaniel asked me to do the video of the their 2009 Winter Jubilee while we were at the Tyro, North Carolina Tent Revival last fall. It was certainly our privilege to accept his invitation.

The Gilley Family and Steve Brown
One of our greatest surprises was the Gilley Family. We had never heard of them before this jubilee. Mary and I were greatly blessed with their music. This family was a tremendous asset to the Winter Jubilee. I think one of their greatest songs was the "Hallelujah Chorus". The sang it twice during the conference.

Dr. Noah Frye & Steve Brown

We first met Dr. Frye in Gulfport, Mississippi last summer. He told me then that he was going to get us out to North Carolina. We have been to North Carolina and South Carolina several times since then because of Dr. Frye's recommendation.

Dr. Bobby Roberson & Steve Brown

We had heard Dr. Roberson many times on archived video files and were blessed each time. We thought this was one of life's greatest privileges to get to hear Dr. Bobby Roberson in person. We were not disappointed. The messages he preached stirred our hearts. We have since watched his messages again on DVD and they were an extra special blessing. It was my great privilege to also get to shake his hand. Thank you Dr. Roberson.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Currytown Baptist Church
Lexington, North Carolina
A Special Night with Dr. Bobby Roberson

The Gilley Family
Decatur, Alabama

January 26, 2009
The Gilley Family was a tremendous blessing with their music tonight. We have certainly learned to love this family. This is the first time our paths have crossed, but I sure hope it is not the last.

Dr. Bobby Roberson
Pastor, Walkertown, North Carolina

We had the great priviledge tonight of videoing Dr. Bobby Roberson, Pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church in Walkertown, North Carolina. He is 80+ years old and we have enjoyed lots of messages on CD, DVD, and the internet but this was our first time to hear him in person. What a joy to get to broadcast and make a DVD of this hero of the faith.

Dr. Noah Frye
Evangelist, Lexington, North Carolina

It was also our joy to be with Dr. Noah Frye again tonight. He and Dr. Roberson were born in the same year. We sure enjoyed our time at church tonight. It was great. Mary took this picture and Dr. Frye liked it so much he asked for a copy to put on his website.

A Wide Angle Shot

I am so glad we were invited to Currytown Baptist Church in Lexington, North Carolina. What a joy to be a part of such an exciting meeting.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Heritage Baptist Temple
Little Rock, AR
Commissions Our Ministry

Our Commission Certificate

January 11, 2009
Tonight Pastor David Smith and Heritage Baptist Temple had an official Commissioning Service to Commission Mary and I as an Evangelistic Video Ministry sent out of Heritage Baptist Temple. The service was a very moving service for Mary and I as the Deacons and preachers lay their hands on us and then each one prayed over us. I was so thankful that Bro. C. F. Edwards was able to be there and pray over us. Bro. Edwards was our pastor for many years and we love him and Mrs. Edwards dearly. We are certainly thankful that Pastor Smith and Heritage Baptist Temple had the confidence to send us out to do the work of the ministry.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Twin Cities' Baptist Temple
Wake Village, Texas
2009 BEAMS Bible Conference

Bro. C.F. Edwards and Dr. Charles Trull

January 7-9, 2009
Dr. Charles Trull, Pastor of Twin Cities' Baptist Church in Wake Village, Texas, invited us broadcast and record the video of their 2009 BEAMS Bible Conference. I was thrilled to be invited back to the place where our ministry started a year ago. This meeting celebrates our First Anniversary in the video ministry.

Friday Night Crowd

We enjoyed a great crowd of people every night during the conference. The preaching and singing were great every service. The Lord used every message to stir our hearts. Praise the Lord for the power in preaching His word.

The Victory Men from Benton, Arkansas

We were truly blessed Friday night with The Victory Men from the Victory Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas singing beautiful Gospel music. We thoroughly enjoyed their music and the Lord allowed them to be a great blessing to the conference.

Dr. Johnny Pope from Houston, Texas

The service Friday night was a very special service. The Lord used Dr. Johnny Pope, Pastor of Christchurch Baptist Fellowship in Houston, Texas to bring an outstanding message entitled "A Man After God's Own Heart". This was a most powerful message about the life of David, A man after God's own heart. We were blessed beyond measure with this message.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Liberty Baptist Church
Mooresville, North Carolina
Voice of Hope Regional Youth Rally

Dr. David Harrison and Steve Brown

January 3-4, 2009
While we were in Corpus Christi, Texas I met Dr. David Harrison from Welcome, North Carolina. Bro. Harrison is founder and director of the Voice of Hope Ministries. Bro. Harrison invited us to broadcast and record their Voice of Hope Regional Youth Rally in Mooresville, North Carolina. I am so glad he extended us an invitation. We have thoroughly enjoyed the folks at Liberty Baptist Church.

Liberty Baptist Church
Mooresville, North Carolina

The Lord has provided a beautiful sactuary for the folks attending Liberty Baptist Church. The sactuary is a very modern structure on the inside and the outside. I believe someone told me they could seat around 1100 folks. That's a big church from where I came from.

Regional Youth Rally

The Saturday night Regional Youth Rally was very well attened. There were 520 folks who attended the meeting from 21 area churches. The Brady Rochester Family did a great job with the special music. Dr. Harrison preached a powerful message on "Ashamed To Speak His Name". The altars were crowed during the invitation with 3 saved and many making decisons to serve the Lord.

Pastor Eddie Graham and Steve Brown

Pastor Eddie Graham and the Liberty Baptist Church folks treated us like royality. They put us in the local Holiday Inn Express with a very nice room and fed us several meals. We have truly enjoyed our stay with Liberty Baptist Church. Thank you Pastor Graham and church family. I especially want to thank the men who helped me pack and load our equipment after church Sunday night.

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