Thursday, February 19, 2009


Philadelphia Baptist Church
Calhoun, Georgia
2009 Jubilee on the Hill

Pastor Timothy McCulley

February 15-19, 2009
I am so thrilled that Brother Tim McCulley, Pastor of Philadelphia Baptist Church in Calhoun, Georgia invited us to participate in their 2009 Jubilee on the Hill. I could not understand why it was a Jubilee on the Hill until we arrived. It is literally a Jubilee on the Hill with a nice view of the surrounding country side.

Steve Brown & Dr. David Gibbs Jr.

One of the highlights of the meeting for me was the opportunity to meet Dr. David Gibbs Jr. personally. Dr. Gibbs, founder of the Christian Law Association has been one of my heros of the faith for many years. I use to walk around the Sprint Campus in Kansas City listening to Dr. Gibbs on my PDA with headphones.

Dr. David Gibbs Jr. Preaching

I was not disappointed in the message Dr. Gibbs preached on Monday night titled "For My Sake". I have never heard a message by Dr. Gibbs that did not stir my heart and as a result has changed my life.

Evangelist Duane Moore

Evangelist Duane Moore from Gainesville, Georgia preached up a storm every night. The church was truly blessed by his powerful preaching. It was our pleasure to make Bro. Moores accquaintance.

The Inman Family

The Inman Family from Monticella, Kentucky was an outstanding example of a christian family. They blessed our hearts every service with their humble spirit and beautiful music.

The Inman Family Praying Together

The Inman Family were an outstanding example of what a christian family should be like. They worked together so beautifully. Just to be around them was a blessing.

Pastor Scott Caudill

Brother Scott Caudill, Pastor of Canaan Baptist Church in Covington, Georgia was a wonderful blessing on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I especially enjoyed his message titled, "What Is It Going To Take In Order for The Fire To Fall" preached on Tuesday night of the Jubilee.

Pastor Chris Simpson

Brother Chris Simpson, Pastor of White Oak Springs Baptist Church in Dallas, Georgia preached a great message on Wednesday morning titled "Maintaining A Bible Based Ministry".

Josh Owens

Josh Owens from Summerville, Georgia was a special blessing to all who met him. He sang and played for us a couple times before the evening meetings.

Philadelphia Christian School Singing

The Philadelphia Christian School, a part of Philadelphia Baptist Church was a special blessing when they sang for us. They are a great bunch of young people.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Peace Haven Baptist Church
Yadkinville, North Carolina
Voice of Hope Youth Rally

Voice of Hope Youth Choir

February 7, 2009
The Voice of Hope Regional Youth Rally was opened with the Voice of Hope Youth Choir. We were blessed with several songs led by Bro. D.R. Harrison. I was amazed when I heard that there were 1223 people present for the rally from 50 churches. I believe this is the largest attended event that we have been a part of since we started the video ministry. We were thrilled to be a part of the rally.

Lindsey Harrison Singing a Solo

Lindsey Harrison did a beautiful job singing the verses of one of the youth choir numbers. That was a special blessing.

Mandy Freedom Singing a Solo

Mandy Freedom did an amazing job singing the verses of one of the youth choir numbers. She was a blessing.

The Brady Rochester Family

This is the second meeting that we have been in with The Brady Rochester Family. We love their music. They were a wonderful blessing to the youth rally.

Bob Holmes, Evangelist

Bob Holmes is truly amazing. He is an evangelist and a tremendous volleyball player. He demonstrated his skills in the gym before the rally started. He beats nearly every volleyball team he has ever played. The amazing part is that he plays against any volleyball team single handed. See his story on his website - Beat Bob. Bro. Holmes spoke to the young people during the rally. He can really get the attention of the young people and presents the Gospel in a very clear manner.

Dr. David Harrison, Evangelist

Dr. David Harrison, founder of "Voice of Hope Ministries", preached the main message of the evening entitled, "Something is Missing". The power of God was evident in the services with many young people coming to the altar and making dozens of decisions and many salvation's.

Evangelist Bob Holmes & Steve Brown

I had the privilege of shaking Evangelist Bob Holmes hand after the rally.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Freedom Baptist Church
Bogalusa, Louisiana
Revival w/ Dr. Mike Ragland

Freedom Baptist Church

February 1-5, 2009
Don't let the small building fool you. The Holy Spirit was as real and powerful here as any meeting we have ever been in. We praise the Lord that we had the privilege of being a part of this revival meeting with Dr. and Mrs. Ragland.

Pastor James Lyle & Steve Brown

It was our great privilege that Pastor James Lyle invited us back for our second meeting at Freedom Baptist Church in Bogalusa, Louisiana. We were here for our first time last spring for their first ever Tent Revival. It was also our first ever Tent Revival. We all learned a lot and were truly blessed by this meeting.

Dr. Mike Ragland & Steve Brown

We first met Dr. Ragland and his wonderful family last fall in Greenbrier, Arkansas. We have learned to love him and his family very dearly. This week has been one of our greatest blessings since we started the video ministry. I don't think this church or Bogalusa will ever be the same again, to the glory of God. The Holy Spirit was so real to each of us this week. The church got so happy in the Lord one night that Dr. Ragland did not even get to preach. We have been blessed.

Mrs. Ragland & Dr. Ragland

Our hearts were blessed the night that Dr. Ragland took to the piano and he and Mrs. Ragland sang for us. God uses their singing as much as he uses his preaching.

Dr. Mike Ragland Preaching

Our hearts were truly blessed with the powerful preaching by Dr. Mike Ragland. I can't wait until we get to be with him and his family again in April at their Living Waters Youth Camp for their 2009 Campmeeting.

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